Ken's Bingo Software

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, well actually in a lovely little bar in Benidorm called "The Two Seals" (Foca Dos), Ken's bingo was born way back in 2007.

Bingo was being played on a DVD player, and when someone called a win, the landlord Nigel had to quickly hit the pause button, this was not entirely successful, I therefore quickly wrote an extremely simple bingo program and he has used it ever since.

In the last 10 years computers have moved on, and it's amazing a program written on Windows 2000 still runs as well today on Windows 10, as it did back then on Windows XP.

I have decided that it is time for a newer more modern looking version, however I have also moved on, I no longer use Windows computers or software, instead I use Linux, and so I am faced with the difficulty of producing something on a Linux computer, that will perform on a Windows computer.

The original 2007 Bingo program written for Windows can be downloaded here, it uses Microsoft Visual studio .NET, and should run on most modern computers as is, if not you will need to install the .NET software from Microsoft.

The new 2017 version for Windows can be downloaded here, it hopefully has a new more modern look taking advantage of some of the changes over the last 10 years.

Linux users can download the original python source code here, it has been written using python 2.7, you will also need to install the python pygame support files from the repo, make the source code executable, and away you go.

You can also if you prefer download a .deb installer version here for users of Ubuntu based systems.

You can watch a short video demonstration here on youtube.

If you find this software useful please let me know, also please consider joining the expats chat group on the home page, talking of which, take a look at our homepage, and consider setting it as the home page on an elderly persons computer. Thanks, Ken