Ken's Karaoke Software


I have created a simple news ticker, which can be used to advertise, or display news or a list of singers at a karaoke bar, see photo above.

It has two open windows, one that displays the ticker screen at the bottom of a window, and a second larger window where you enter text you want displayed on the ticker line.

It is very simple to set up and use, drag the ticker screen to where you want it to appear, resize it again by dragging, until you get what you want, where you want. Then click on the “Setup”, and the frame around the ticker window will turn off, leaving it fixed, you need to restart the ticker at this point.

If you don’t like how it looks, click on “Setup” and try again.

Now type in some text and click on “Apply”

If you are placing the ticker text on top of another program, like for example VirtualDJ, you must start the ticker after VirtualDJ so the ticker window is placed on top.

DOWNLOAD TICKER HERE Unzip it and save one or both of the Ticker versions to your desk top, and away you go.

Note all my software on this page is released under the GPL3 Licence, which basically says do what you like with it, but if it kills your cat, or blows up your house etc, it’s not my problem, you use this stuff entirely at your own risk. Ken